Only Owner & Admin Members are able to invite new users and assign roles.

To invite a user:

Go to Settings > Users > Click on +Invite Users 


Fill in User details accordingly > Click Invite > An email invitation will be sent to them.




Types of Roles:-

(1) Admin

Access to all features* and locations, able to invite new users and see the price increase across locations. 

* Edit and add product, suppliers and categories. Able to assign categories and access to integration.

(2) Manager

Access to selected locations, able to approve orders, edit done invoices and access to reports.

(3) User

Access to basic features (ordering and uploading invoices) for selected locations and some reports.

(4) Strict User

Access to ordering and uploading invoices only. All orders placed will need approval from Admin or Manager.

To re-assign a role for your team members, simply go to Settings > Users. This can only be done by an Admin.



  1. Location Control is relevant to User, Strict User & Manager Roles only. Admin Members will have access to all locations.

  2. Phone Number will be the contact details on the order placed by the user.

  3. Users will be able to reset their password by selecting the "Forget Password" at the login page. An email will be sent to them to do so.