Before uploading any documents available, please check if it fits the criteria to be processed as an invoice.

General Criteria:-

Other things to note:-

1) Invoice photos are to be clear and readable.

2) Handwritten details [amended/ added/ deleted] on the invoices will not be digitised.
3) Details which have been clearly strike off (ie, with a clear black line across all fields) will be considered unreadable and will not be included in the digitised invoice.
4) Deposits, credits amount, balance [cash flow items] will be disregarded.

5) Products with 'no stock' comment will be disregarded.

6) Discounts stated at the end of the invoice will be treated as an adjustment line.

7) Any handwritten markings/ words over any printed line items will flagged the invoice as 'Physical Changes' under action needed.

The following will be rejected and flagged out as 'Not Valid' under action needed:-

1) Atm bank receipts

2) Staff claim without product information

3) Cashcard top up

4) Invoices not in the english alphabets